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According to data gathered by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, one individual suffers severe injuries in a vehicle accident involving an intoxicated driver every two minutes. Unfortunately, many people lose their loved ones due to these negligent, careless, and reckless drivers who choose to drink and get behind the wheel.

如果你或你爱的人在酒后驾车造成的车祸中受伤, it is crucial you seek experienced legal counsel right away. 我们365bet平台酒驾事故律师在 The Chopin Law Firm LLC can create an effective legal strategy in order to help you pursue financial compensation for your injuries, emotional distresses, lost wages, and other damages you may have acquired as a result.

What Serious Personal Injuries Can Occur in Drunk Driving Accidents?

与酒精有关的事故经常导致司机或受影响方的人身伤害. There are several types of serious bodily injuries, such as:

  • Internal Bleeding: Hemorrhaging of the internal organs can occur as a result of trauma from a car accident. A dangerous aspect of this type of injury is that the victim may not even realize they are bleeding. Low blood pressure, bleeding externally, rapid heartbeat, organ failure, seizures, 这种损伤也可能导致昏迷.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs): Car crashes account for 20% of all TBI-related hospitalizations, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 这种类型的损伤发生在大脑因头部受到打击或撞击而受损时.
  • 脊髓损伤:车祸可能导致脊髓损伤. It is possible to lose sensation or mobility below the site of an injury when the spine is injured. 一些脊髓损伤的人需要轮椅和其他辅助设备.

What Compensation Can Victims of Drunk Driving Crashes Expect

A victim and a victim’s family can experience serious financial and emotional hardships following a drunk driving car accident. For this reason, 我们的法律团队孜孜不倦地为事故受害者及其家属伸张正义. 当您选择与我们合作时,我们可以寻求以下补偿:

  • Doctor visits
  • Chiropractic visits
  • Physical therapy
  • Emotional distress
  • Physical pain
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • 惩罚性损害赔偿(只适用于有限的案件)


Unfortunately, Louisiana does not allow individuals to seek damages from social hosts or alcohol vendors who provided alcohol to the liable driver, even if they serve minors. The only exceptions are if the social host forcibly intoxicated the driver or misrepresented a drink as non-alcoholic when it in fact contained alcohol.

You should talk to a personal injury attorney to determine your sources of compensation and whether you are able to pursue compensation from a social host or another third party.

How Does Louisiana’s Statute of Limitations Impact Your Claim?

在路易斯安那州发生事故后,你只有有限的时间来寻求赔偿. In general, CC 3492 是一年的诉讼时效吗. You may lose your right to compensation if you don’t file a claim within one year of the accident.

在某些情况下,这一年的最后期限有可能延长. Get in touch with The Chopin Law firm today if you have questions about your case’s statute of limitations.

Why Hire The Chopin Law Firm LLC?

When you contact our New Orleans car accident lawyers at The Chopin Law Firm LLC, we can immediately examine the details of your case, 详细说明有关事故的重要事项, 向证人收集信息, 并联系执法人员,以便开始为你建立一个强有力的案件. In every case, we pursue the maximum amount of compensation and do everything in our power to make your recovery process as comfortable as possible.

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